10 actionable lessons we 

learned from building 10.000 

mobile apps

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Each lesson explains a different problem that almost everyone faces and gives you handy tips and tricks to either avoid them entirely, or fix them if you’ve already encountered them.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons after building more than 10k+ apps over the last couple years, so we decided to put the 10 most common ones into a short, handy ebook.

Rebecca Hunt, Alpha City

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I thought I was the only one making mistakes when I built my app, and it really frustrated me. But once I read this ebook, I felt so much better because it gave me the lifeline to pull myself out and set my app right. Thanks BuildFire!

I didn’t think another ebook was going 

to help me fix my mobile app. 

I was SO wrong. This isn’t just another 

ebook; this is the guide that everyone 

should use if they are even the littlest 

bit interested in building an app.

Awesome Advice!

Henrik Howard, Piano Tree

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